Quality Management and Hygiene

It is to be expected that cleanliness and medical hygiene would be a top priority in a dental practice. But what efforts of modern hygiene standards mean in reality are not obvious to the patient: an impressive chain of technical and organisational measures are involved to ensure that you can feel safe all round in the Praxis am Kureck.

In terms of hygie­ne and qua­li­ty assu­rance, the Pra­xis am Kureck goes abo­ve and bey­ond the com­mon­ly pre­scri­bed mea­su­res. It beg­ins with the cli­nic being cer­ti­fied accor­ding to ISO 9001 – a com­plex pro­ce­du­re that is not always a mat­ter of cour­se for medi­cal prac­ti­ces. We have pas­sed this dif­fi­cult and detail­ed exami­na­ti­on again and again thanks to our com­mit­ment to qua­li­ty manage­ment, for which Ms Clau­dia Sowa is respon­si­ble. She is a cer­ti­fied qua­li­ty mana­ger and orga­ni­s­es the clinic’s hygie­ne pro­ce­du­res. This also includes con­ti­nu­al­ly unan­noun­ced spot checks, the intro­duc­tion of new methods and tech­ni­ques and in gene­ral the trai­ning of the assistants. 

All hygie­ni­cal­ly sen­si­ti­ve are­as in sur­gi­cal, end­odon­tic and peri­odon­tal pro­ce­du­res are docu­men­ted in detail and can later be recon­s­truc­ted step-by-step on the com­pu­ter. This also includes the pro­ce­du­re of ste­ri­li­sing instru­ments (except for end­odon­to­lo­gy). Sin­ce this pro­cess com­pels us to under­go con­stant and strict checks, the pati­ent can be cer­tain that ever­y­thing pos­si­ble is being done in the name of safety.

For us, quality and hygiene mean, that in root canal treatments, no instrument is used more than once, for example. 

Everything that was in a patient’s mouth is disposed of and recycled.