Dr. Marco Georgi, M.Sc.

… is a specialist in microscopic endodontology, endodontological revision treatment and microsurgery and a sought-after lecturer at many training institutes. For more than 10 years he has also been teaching internationally and has been appointed scientific director of the endodontological training of the Hessian State Medical Association. Dr. Georgi is the founding president of VDZE, the Association of German Certified Endodontologists.

In addition, Dr. Georgi is also a “completely normal” dentist who is happy to accompany your dental health as a permanent family dentist.

As in previous years, Dr. Georgi is again listed among Germany’s top 2,500 doctors in the Focus List 2016.

Career of Dr. Marco Georgi (PDF)

Dr. Sabine Baron, M.Sc …

… specialized in the field of periodontology after her studies in dentistry and obtained the title “Master of Science” in a Master’s programme at the Albertus-Ludwig University of Freiburg.

Like Dr. Georgi, she has been a long-standing partner of the Wiesbaden “Praxis am Kureck”, to which she has been affiliated since 2001. Dr. Baron is popular with her patients, many of whom she constantly looks after as a family dentist, because of her sensitive and precise way of working. Aesthetic dentistry is also a focus of her work.

Dr. Henning Bahnemann, M.Sc. …

… joined the team of the practice at Kureck in 2014.” He studied dentistry in Mainz and soon developed his main focus in endodontology. After graduating as Master of Science Endodontology, he settled in a Wiesbaden group practice in 2006. As a specialist in root canal treatment and dental hypnosis, he was soon in demand as a speaker in the national and international field of endodontology.

Dr. Bahnemann is former Vice President of the Association of German Certified Endodontologists (VDZE) and official speaker for Dentsply Maillefer.

As in previous years, Dr. Bahnemann is again listed among the top 2,500 physicians in Germany in the Focus List 2017.

Career of Dr. Henning Bahnemann (PDF)

ZA Christof Riffel, M.Sc …

… worked after his studies of dentistry as an assistant and later as a dentist in private practice in the Badischen Kippenheim. In 2014 he joined the team of the practice at Kureck as a pediatric dentist. Christof Riffel completed his Master’s degree in Endodontology in Düsseldorf with a Master of Science degree in Endodontology. Like Dr. Georgi, he is one of the founding members of the Association of German Certified Endodontologists (VDZE).

He also specializes in clinical and dental hypnosis (Milton Erickson Institute, Hamburg). These skills also contribute to his profile as a pediatric dentist and specialist in dental traumatology, for which he stands in our practice clinic.

As in previous years, ZA Riffel is again listed among the top 2500 doctors in Germany in the Focus List 2016.

Career of ZA Christof Riffel (PDF)

Dr. med. dent. Bergen Pak …

… is our specialist for oral surgery, implantology and traumatology. He studied and earned his doctorate at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (ZZMK Carolinum) and passed his specialist examination for oral surgery in 2012. Since the beginning of 2017 he has continued his specialist training as a oral and maxillofacial surgeon at the University of Frankfurt and is consiliarly available to our practice. During this time he will be represented by Dr. Frank Spiegelberg, Frankfurt.

History of Dr. Bergen T. Pak (PDF)

FZ Heike Drechsler …

… discovered the field of orthodontics as her favourite field of dentistry after her studies. She successfully completed her three-year training in 2008 and has been a specialist in orthodontics since then. Her main areas of interest are the early treatment of tooth and jaw malpositions in children between the ages of 5-9 years, as well as the treatment of tooth malpositions of adult patients with almost invisible plastic splints. She masters all innovative and classical orthodontic techniques with the aim of helping every young and old patient in the practice at the Kureck to achieve their most beautiful smile.

Career of Heike Drechsler (PDF)

Dr. Amelie Langenstein

… completed her studies of dentistry at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main and at the Université de Lyon, as well as one year as an assistant dentist at the J. K. Vorhauser practice in Frankfurt am Main.

Dr. Langenstein is an enthusiastic dentist and attaches great importance to a high-quality education and broad international experience: In addition to several study visits and internships in various countries, she also treated in the oral surgery clinic of Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

 Diana Chehrehsa

… represents Dr. Langenstein during her maternity leave. Mrs. Chehrehsa studied dentistry in Mainz and received her license to practice dentistry in 2017. Dr. Georgi got to know her as a dedicated and talented student during an additional endodontic education.

In addition to her enjoyment of highly qualified dentistry, Mrs. Chehrehsa attaches great importance to a trusting relationship with her patients. In her professional career, she has had very good experiences, especially in dealing with anxious patients, whom she has often been able to take away concerns and fears due to her empathetic and calm nature. “The fact that patients trusted me in such fear situations has always meant a great deal to me,” says Mrs Chehrehsa. “I like to listen and respond to patients’ needs.”

For our patients who speak a foreign language, Mrs. Chehrehsa is also an experienced contact: in addition to her two native languages German and Farsi, she also speaks fluent English and French.

Dr. Marc Junior …

… joined the team of doctors at the practice at Kureck on 1 January 2017. After completing his studies of dentistry at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt with a very good grade, the man from Wiesbaden initially supported a dental social project in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, together with friendly colleagues.

He then successfully started his professional practice as an assistant physician in the Eschborn expert practice of Dr. Beck. At the same time, he began his Master’s degree in periodontology and implant therapy at Dresden International University and was accepted as a doctoral student in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Leipzig.

In addition to dental and technical perfection, Marc Junior particularly values the way he treats people whom he wants to help to maintain long-term oral health.

Dr. med. Angela Hechler

… specialized in the field of anaesthesiology after studying human medicine in Frankfurt and Mainz, where she passed her medical specialist examination in 1994. After more than 20 years of inpatient work in clinics, Dr. Hechler has been an anaesthetist in private practice since 2014 and cares for patients undergoing outpatient surgery. For us, too, it enables anxious patients and children to undergo longer or strenuous dental interventions through general anaesthesia or twilight sleep treatments.