Premium dental care for You!

At the Praxis am Kureck in Wiesbaden, specialised dentists work together in an integrated team with dental hygienists and technicians.

We offer treatments in every area of dentistry under one roof in a family environment. Our patients enjoy the following benefits: easy accessibility, no change of clinic, optimal consultation among the specialists and always the best treatment quality.

Our specialists in root canal treatment, aesthetic dentistry, paediatric dentistry, prevention, implantology and orthodontics are among the best in Germany (see Focus list) and are judged by the patients as being outstanding (e.g. on Jameda)

Find out here about our dentists, our team of assistants, our facilities and consulting hours. We would like to show you our treatment emphasis and our patient services.

In our “News” section you can get up-to-date information about our treatment range or our team.

If you have a toothache and cannot get in touch with us directly, check our pain compass to see if you can find any help with “first aid” there.


The „Focus“ list of the top medical practitioners is a highly respected indicator of medical quality. The team at the Praxis am Kureck figures prominently again in the current 2016 list: as in previous years, specialists Dr. Marco Georgi, Dr. Henning Bahnemann and dentist Dr. Christof Riffel appear on the „Focus“ list of the top 2500 medical practitioners in Germany.