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At the Praxis am Kureck in Wiesbaden, specialised dentists work together in an integrated team with dental hygienists and technicians.

Our patients enjoy the benefits: easy accessibility, no change of clinic, optimal consultation among the specialists and always the best treatment quality.

Tel.: 0611 990370

Dr. Marco Georgi about the services of the Praxis am Kureck

Opening times

Monday to Thursday from 7 am to 9 pm
Friday from 7 am to 6.30 pm
Saturday from 9 am to 4.30 pm

appointments: 0611 990370
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Our doctors team


Our specialists in Root canal treatment, Esthetic dentistryPaediatric dentistry, Prophylaxis, Implantology and Orthodontics are among the best in Germany (see Focus list) and are judged by the patients as being outstanding (e.g. on Jameda)



in Wiesbaden auf jameda

in Wiesbaden auf jameda

in Wiesbaden auf jameda

Our rooms…

… offer patients the best possible comfort with the utmost clinical safety.

Our dentists also on the FOCUS list in 2021

The list of top physicians is widely regarded as an indicator of medical quality. Endo­donto­logists from the Praxis am Kureck are also prominently represented in the current list for 2021: As in previous years, Dr. Marco Georgi, Dr. Henning Bahnemann and ZA Christof Riffel were included in the focus list of the 2500 top physicians in Germany.

Find out more about our doctors here with the FOCUS Doctor Search

Trusted Dentists:
“Excellent Practice”

The “Trusted Dentists” rating portal has classified the Praxis am Kureck as “Excellent Practice”. The independent assessment service uses its own surveys to classify dental practices according to around 50 quality indicators.

Trusted Dentists sees itself as a supplement to rating portals such as Jameda and Sanego and evaluates exclusively according to its own, objectively verifiable criteria.

PraxisPlus Award: 5 stars for Praxis am Kureck!

Praxis am Kureck received the 5-star seal of quality for exemplary practice culture at the Praxis+ Award 2017.
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PIPS – a high-tech weapon against Bacteria

The practice at Kureck offers gentle and efficient root canal treatment with the revolutionary PIPS® laser technology. Read more …

„Ambassadors of Excellence“

Praxis am Kureck and its sister practice ENDOPUR in Frankfurt won two “industry Oscars” at the same time. Read more …


Also on Sundays and holidays we can deal with sudden problems. We offer an emergency service exclusively for our patients: You leave us a message on our answering machine (0177-2100064) by 12.00 noon. We call you back at noon and are at your disposal.