A clean tooth rarely gets sick. Therefore, the primary goal is to prevent the development of tooth and gum problems. And this is possible: by intensive cleaning of the teeth with gentle but effective aids.

Smooth Teeth, Fresh Breath

With our professional tooth cleaning, plaque and discolouration of the teeth are thoroughly removed, even in hard-to-reach places. Thus the pathogens for the diseases of teeth and gums disappear. Clean, smooth teeth and fresh breath are the additional reward.

This active program to maintain your oral health should be given to your teeth at regular intervals. Especially after extensive dental treatments or survived gum diseases, your teeth need regular intensive aftercare – for the sake of oral health.

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Professional Tooth Cleaning

At the beginning of the treatment, your oral hygienist will examine your teeth and gums very carefully: you will find out where weak points are and what can still be improved. With fine hand or ultrasonic instruments, the hard and soft plaque is then carefully removed, even in difficult to reach niches and below the gum margin. Subsequent polishing not only makes the surfaces mirror-smooth, but also removes all discolouration from the teeth.

Your oral hygienist will then show you which aids are best suited for cleaning your teeth at home. An extensive assortment of dental floss, interdental brushes, toothpicks, etc. is available for selection.

Risk of Periodontitis

Modern molecular biological methods are also becoming increasingly important in dental practice – especially in periodontology. Periodontitis is now considered a real infectious disease.

This requires a specific diagnosis of the harmful bacteria, especially in chronically progressive, therapy-resistant and aggressive forms. We use a special test to identify periodontitis marker germs. A genetic risk of periodontitis can also be detected. Risk factors such as genetic predisposition, systemic diseases, oral hygiene, etc. have a lasting influence on the success of the therapy.

In the case of persistent or unusually rapidly progressing gum diseases, the microorganisms causing the disease can be identified by taking samples from the gum pocket. If you know the pathogens exactly, you can support the gum treatment with the help of an antibiotic. The antibiotic can then protect the whole body from germs via the bloodstream.

Periodontitis Stop Program

After the successful treatment of an inflammatory gum disease (periodontitis), regular aftercare is crucial to prevent a resurgence or recurrence of infection. Periodontitis can only be permanently stopped by consistent, regular care together with careful oral hygiene at home!

“Critical zones” must be checked at regular intervals. A subsequent cleaning of difficult to reach niches can then prevent the formation of a “gum pocket”.

Ask for our recall program: we’ll call you when it’s time again – or make an appointment for the next cleaning. Your healthy gums will thank you for it.

Fluorides Harden the Enamel

The development of caries can be effectively inhibited by fluorides. Various methods are available for this purpose

  • fluoride-containing toothpastes (from tooth breakthrough)
  • fluoridated table salt (use when cooking)
  • Rinsing solutions (from school age with increased caries risk)

The use of fluoride-containing toothpastes and fluoridated table salt makes sense. However, the most effective method is to keep the fluoride in the oral cavity for as long as possible.

The amount of fluoride required per day depends on the fluoride content of the drinking water. Please also note the information on fluoridation provided by the German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine.

The fluoride supply is only one of 3 important pillars to avoid caries: careful and effective oral hygiene and a sensible diet are just as important!

More on the website of the German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine

Sports Protection

Mountain biking, inline skating but also football, hockey, karate or judo – much more often than one would think, a fall or collision develops in the heat of the moment. And that’s it: the middle incisor is broken or missing completely.

If the tooth is lost, the gap can only be closed with an implant or a bridge (healthy adjacent teeth are damaged!). Thank God you can now protect yourself easily and comfortably.

The problem is solved with a mouthguard that is worn over on the upper teeth, and which absorbs all impacts and blows with a soft rubber surface. Many top athletes such as Bundesliga footballers, the national hockey team and, of course, the boxers no longer do without this safety.

Impressions of the upper and lower jaws and a wax bite are sufficient – and after 1 week you are in possession of your mouthguard. By the way, the mouthguard is available transparent or in your desired colours

Bleaching: Beautiful, White Teeth Again

Discolourations or too dark tooth colour can be corrected in many cases today. First the teeth are intensively cleaned in order to remove the colour deposits of e.g. red wine, tea or smoking. Leaky, old fillings must also be replaced. Only now can the actual tooth shade be assessed and – if desired – corrected.

A simple, tooth substance preserving and durable method is bleaching. With the help of mild active ingredients, the tooth can be whitened from the outside and, in the case of root-filled teeth, also from the inside.

Please read our information about bleaching here: >>